Shop Vintage

Shop Vintage Mystery Boxes get you dressing outside the box.  Explore different styles and broaden your usual attire, for a fraction of the price!

"Too good to be true", you might think 🤔
Well, here at Shop Vintage we are honest about what you could get in our boxes and don't overpromise - but rest assured that you WILL receive unique vintage pieces from around the world...

Shopping pre-loved and vintage fashion is not only affordable, it is also very sustainable. Give amazing clothes a second lease of life, find YOUR style, and know you're helping the planet along the way.

Let's reduce the desire for fast fashion together

Shop sustainably - Shop Vintage!

  • Grade A

    Good overall condition, any small visible marks should wash out with the use of washing detergent and/or vanish. No rips or holes throughout. We sometimes pass really rare items with defects off as grade A as long as the resell value is still really good.

  • Grade B

    Some small stains that will require professional cleaning or a more in depth stain removal process, for very old vintage items some stains may be irremovable. Some items may have very small holes and imperfections.